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Competition Ideas For You And Your Putt Putt Team

Competition Ideas For You And Your Putt Putt Team

Imagine this. You’ve rallied up your family, friends or other half to play a game of putt putt because you guys have a hoot when you do. Oh wait a second - that’s just real life! But by now you’ve played Putt Putt Mermaid Beach’s three courses a few times over the years and now you want to add some flair to your games. We’ve totally got you. Spice up your game with these competition ideas for you and your putt putt team.

You Make The Rules

If you’ve visited Putt Putt Mermaid Beach before, you would be familiar with our mischief spinners. They’re the podiums around our courses with fun ways to mix up individual holes… No talking until your next go, putt between your legs and make your next shot with your putter upside down, to name a few.

But now we’re taking the rules next level. The winner of each hole makes a new rule for the whole team to follow. A tie? No worries. Just have a good old fashioned rock, paper, scissors off!

Want some idea inspo?

● Players can’t say anyone’s name for the rest of the game
● High five after every go
● Spin around three times before your turn
● Act out an animal on course before your shot
● Everyone must sing for the entire game

And if someone doesn’t stick to the new rules? One point added to their score for every rule-breaking mischief committed!

Loser Shouts Dinner!

Alright, this one is a pretty standard competition idea for you and your putt putt team. But who can say no to a free parmy and a pot with Mermaid Beach Tavern right next door? Don’t have a great track record? We suggest playing with smaller teams… Just sayin.’
Two Putts Are Better Than One

You know what they say, teamwork makes the dream work. And if you and your bestie are inseparable, really good at three legged races or just want an excuse to beat everyone together, this is one of our competition ideas for you and your putt putt team that you’re going to wanna try out first-hand!

Here’s how it goes… Each two person team has their putting hand tied to the other person’s, with the putter in between. This way you must use each other to make each shot. Warning, may result in uncontrollable laughter!

Bets Are On

Now, we’re not here to encourage gambling, but a couple of bucks between friends can make the stakes a fair bit higher. You decide on the amount, get everyone to chuck in and winner takes all. Psst… You might want to take a look at how to win at putt putt if you haven’t yet.

Crazy Golf

Still want more challenge ideas? Simply ask for your Crazy Golf Guide at the counter and a member of our friendly team will give you a list of fun competition ideas for every hole!

Want to bring the littlies or need some inspo for a unique party theme? We have ticket options perfect for groups big and small.


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