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Proof That Putt Putt Is The Perfect Outing For All Ages

Proof That Putt Putt Is The Perfect Outing For All Ages

Not to toot our own horn or anything, but putt putt is 100% the perfect outing for all ages! If you’re looking for a family friendly activity, something to keep the kids busy with, a place to host a first date or to relive an old one, putt putt is your answer. Here are our top five reasons why putt putt is the perfect outing for all ages. C’mon, let us twist that rubber arm of yours so you can come and hang out with us!

Putter Fingers Putter Finger

Most sports are pretty unforgiving on our bodies. Throw this, pick up that, jog around for a bit… Before you know it, you’re out of breath and aching from head to toe! While putt putt is far gentler on our bodies, there’s still some bending to be done to pick up your ball.

But never fear! We have a clever solution so you can keep up with the whippersnappers without the hip grief triggered by reaching down for your ball. Putter fingers are nifty little putt putt accessories that fit over the putter grip and allow you to pick up your ball using a ‘magnet’ effect. A fun little novelty to use, at Putt Putt Mermaid Beach, we believe that whether you’re 9 or 90, you can have fun with putter fingers.

Putter fingers are available on request at Putt Putt Mermaid Beach and are perfect for anyone who has trouble bending down to pick up their ball. They’re also a pretty popular way to jazz up your putter and double as an egg cup if a spontaneous egg and spoon race breaks out. You’re so prepared!

Play At Your Own Pace

Yep, we totally understand that your idea of a fun day out may involve zooming around and doing as much as possible, as quickly as possible! Or, you may be looking for a relaxing day of slower paced fun.

Putt putt allows you to enjoy easy and effortless strolls around our courses during your game at any pace you please. And come on, this is far more flexible than putt putt’s big brother, golf, which can take hours on end to complete! We offer ample seating and resting nooks along each of our three courses. These are perfect for littlies to play around and climb onto, for mature visitors to take a well deserved break on or for couples to cozy up on with their date, wink!

Plastic Putters For Toddlers

We love hosting kids parties at Putt Putt Mermaid Beach and the toddlers who come to hang out are just too cute - we could squeeze their little cheeks all day long!

Putt putt is the perfect outing for all ages when the right equipment is supplied, so we’ve decided to give the little rascals what they want! We offer plastic putters for toddlers to play their game of putt putt with and these are much lighter and easier to navigate around the courses than regular putters. The wider head also make shots easier with plastic putters too (look out, you might have some tough competition on your hands!). And for the super enthusiastic tiny putt putt fans, plastic putters protect parents from the wayward swings into the shins!

Children 3 and under play free of charge at Putt Putt Mermaid Beach and we offer a selection of plastic putters or extra small regular putters for the little ones too. Cute.

Suited To All Skill Levels

Are you golfing mad? Perhaps you’ve never picked up a putter in your life. No matter your skill level, putt putt is the perfect outing for all ages. Come along for a friendly game or turn up your competitive side and battle it out for a prize. Family and friends are encouraged to play in their own style, whether that is with an easygoing attitude or with a fun yet eye-on-the-prize mentality. Youngsters to full blown adults can all play together, with each hole designed to get a hole in one. Gather ‘round outdoors, get cheeky, encourage each other, giggle together and try and take out the winnings - all as part of a friendly game, of course!

19th Hole Refreshments

Cheeky Snacks

Treat yourself, the kids or your date with some tasty snacks or refreshing drinks after a game of putt putt. Our kiosk offers a variety of goodies to suit all taste buds, from the sweetest of slushies to savoury bites. Pocket money or winner’s shout, we offer snacks all round for all ages!

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