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Romantic Ways To Win Your Lover’s Heart This Valentine’s Day

Romantic Ways To Win Your Lover’s Heart This Valentine’s Day

To win your lover’s heart this Valentine’s Day, you’re going to have to try a little harder than handing them some sad flowers from the servo or picking up a Lynx shower pack. Actually, you’re looking to have to try a lot harder. That’s why we’ve put together some pointers on how to make your other half’s day one to remember. You can thank us later.

Relive your first date

Remember when you first met your partner? Whether it was a month ago or a decade, reliving your first date is one surefire way to reignite that spark you two have - and hello, totally romantic! Were you two scallywags at a music festival? Why not check out a local Gold Coast band in Cooly, Broadbeach or your regular stomping ground? Maybe it was a chance meeting in a coffee shop. Go and grab a cuppa with all of the extras or better yet, send them to the coffee shop and then turn up like that very first time you met.

We’ve had many a first date at Putt Putt Mermaid Beach so why not share the love with a game of putt putt? Did you know we’ve even had lovers get engaged on our courses while reliving their first dates? Ca-ute!

 Date night fun at Putt Putt

Be kids again

Bring out your inner kid this Valentine’s Day because nothing says love like getting silly. Plan a day full of lovin’ your other half in playful ways that are destined to make you feel that school kid giddy love - no matter your age! Our putt putt courses are the perfect place to play a sneaky game, while having fun wooing your special someone. And psst… Here’s exactly how to win at putt putt.

Why putt putt is a perfect first date

So, we could go on all day about why putt putt is a perfect first date (and why you should totally come and visit us). But we’re going to lay it down straight for you with some of the reasons why. Mini golf is affordable so you won’t break the bank. It’s also an easy and totally comfortable way to break the ice. And if we’re entirely honest, anyone can do it!

Ice Cream = Happiness
Ice cream = Happiness

If your Valentine has a sweet tooth, spoil them with an ice cream date after your game of putt putt. After all, you’re going to need something to refuel your stamina for your next round! One of the most romantic ways to win your lover’s heart this Valentine’s Day is playing out the ol’ linking arms ice cream share, you know the one.

Sunset putts

If you’ve spent the day relaxing with Netflix, your cat or eating homemade love heart shaped pancakes, then the perfect way to end the day is with a game of putt putt while the sun goes down. Why not stick around for a game of twilight putt putt on our waterways course?
Check out these places

If you’re planning on hanging out at Putt Putt Mermaid Beach this Valentine’s Day, once you’ve captured a snap in our lovers photo booth, played a game and scored some sweet treats from yours truly, here are some delicious places to grab a bite and finish the night with a romantic dinner for two.

Stop by to snap a pic in our V Day photo booth, grab a tasty heart shaped surprise from us and putt your way straight to your lover’s heart! 

 💕 Wishing you the most romantic of Valentine’s Days from all of us at Putt Putt Mermaid Beach! 💕


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