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Kids Birthday Parties Gold Coast | Birthday Party Ideas

Kids Birthday Parties Gold Coast | Birthday Party Ideas

If you’re fresh out of kids birthday party ideas, we’ve got you covered! From glowing, nighttime adventures, through to BBQs and arcade games! We've put together every interesting party idea so your kids can celebrate rain hail or shine, right here on the Gold Coast. 

Here are our top kids birthday parties Gold Coast has to offer!

Gold Coast Kids Party #1

NEW Glow Parties with Glow Ball Hire!

FYI: Hosting magical kids parties is our jam! And if you’re looking for new ideas on the Gold Coast that are way more exciting than a picnic at the beach, then guess what? You’ve found 'em!

With our NEW Glow Parties, your children will enjoy an after-dark celebration like no other. Think twilight mini golf on one of three dazzling courses after sunset.

The little tackers also receive: 

  • Glow ball hire
  • A cool refreshment
  • Their very own glow bracelet
  • Decorated glowing party table

When it comes to Gold Coast kids parties, it's hard to beat this nighttime bonanza! We mean, really, it ticks a bunch of boxes.

Theming – Tick! Thirst quenched – Tick! Entertainment – Tick! Let's just say it's one of the most dazzling kids parties Gold Coast has to offer!

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our brand spankin’ new Glow Parties here!

Gold Coast Glow Parties come with a Glow Ball to keep!
Gold Coast Glow parties include a Glow Ball for the green!

Gold Coast Kids Party #2

Putt Putt & Pizza Party

The best kinds of Gold Coast kids parties are:

A. Easy to organise

B. Loads of fun!

Enter, a putt putt and pizza party in the heart of Mermaid Beach on the Gold Coast. This one's the perfect kids party for those of us who aren't into cooking (*raises hand*). Because both the fun and food are in the one place, and you don't need to lift a finger! #winning

Choose a putt putt course to play, then order Domino's Pizza delivery. Yes, you heard right. Here at Putt Putt Mermaid Beach, we don’t think you should be limited to the food options we have on-site. So we invite you to have your choices brought straight to you (or even bring your own!).

Did you know you can cook up a feast in the Jungle Retreat BBQ Zone?  Or have any Uber Eats delivered right here!? Pizza is an absolute fave party addition here on the Gold Coast.

And with groups of 10 or more kids scoring unlimited courses of putt putt for just $16.50, it's hard to beat!

Kids Parties Gold Coast Closeup with Party Blowers
Get pizza or Uber Eats delivered. Even cook your own feast in the Jungle Retreat BBQ Area!


Gold Coast Kids Party #3

Sea-Themed Party on Waterways

Do you have an Ariel lover on your hands or "argh!" pirate fanatic? Maybe whales and dolphins are their new favourite creature of the deep!

For this Gold Coast kids party idea, we recommend making dress-ups mandatory! Mermaids, jellyfish hats from cellophane, perhaps even a washing basket sea turtle shell!

Our dazzling Waterways course has two flowing lagoons, a thrilling water jump hole, arching dolphin and a spurting whale… You’ll even find some cheeky pirates on course too!

Come by for a game and some dress up fun – Of all the kids parties Gold Coast has available, this sure is one worthy of a seal clap!

Course tickets start at just $16 for kids or $14 when coming in groups of 10+!

Gold Coast Kids Party Closeup blowing out Birthday Cake Candles
Make a wish! Gold Coast Kids Parties with all the trimmings

Gold Coast Kids Party #4

Hire our Private Party Room (for Free!)

Did you know that we have a spacious kids party room hidden away at Putt Putt Beach? It’s true! Our party room is available to those who book a party with us, or opt-in for a group play package!

Seating up to 24 children, our air-conditioned party room is the perfect streamer and balloon canvas – rain, hail or shine.

Indoor party room at Putt Putt Mermaid Beach

Wanna know our favourite part about this kids party idea Gold Coast has on offer? Decorating! We invite you to decorate your party room however you like. While many locations for Gold Coast kids parties have little wriggle room in the styling department, we say go nuts!

Why not dial up the fun-o-meter and have your party catered for? Since this private kids party room is free to hire, many guests decide to have a few dishes delivered. Even that cake-making friend who owes you a favour!  

Here's a tasty look at the epic birthday cakes our guests have had in the past!


Birthday Cake lollipops and Skittles Golf Course Birthday Cake Putt Putt

Gold Coast Party Packages start from just $16 per child!

Gold Coast Kids Party #4

Games Marathon Party

After almost 50 years entertaining kids (big and small), we’ve discovered a few ways to tire the little tackers out – wink!

With this Gold Coast party idea, the fun off putt putt and arcade games unite for a seriously cool comp day!

Did you know that you can add extra arcade game tokens to any party type?

Our arcade games centre has pool for the adults and all kinds of games for the kids! We’ve even had groups hosting adults vs kids competitions in our arcade games room! Who will be the ultimate winner?! To make the stakes even higher, why not have the winner score a free dinner?!

Follow all of these shenanigans up with a game of putt putt (or two) and the kidlets will be just about ready for bed. You can thank us later!

Course tickets start at just $16 for kids or $14 when coming in groups of 10+!

Gold Coast Arcade Party
Who'll win this Gold Coast birthday tournament in the arcade's room?!

Gold Coast Kids Party #5

The Ultimate Kid’s Party (We Do It All!)

Here’s an idea. How about you sit back and we take the reins for your party planning? You deserve it! From food and hosts, right down to invitations and mini golf! This has hands down got to be one of the best kids parties on the Gold Coast!

Here’s what you can expect from our Ultimate Kids Party Package:

  • A cheery party host
  • Mini golf
  • Snack box and refreshment
  • Party goodie bag
  • Free return pass for all guests
  • Reserved party table
  • Fun party invitations

The lucky birthday boy or girl will also receive a few extras too. Think a special birthday sign with their name on it (literally!), a souvenir party photo and even a VIP gift card. After all, they sure are important! This is most certainly the top Gold Coast kids party idea where you can take a load off. Check it out here.

All for just $26 per child for one course, and $30 for two courses!

Birthday Party Bags at Putt Putt
Birthday party goodie bags are the best type of goodie bags!


Gold Coast Kids Party #6

Here’s everything our Putt Putt Party Package includes:

  • Mini golf
  • A refreshment
  • Your own reserved party table
  • Name displayed on birthday sign
  • Birthday card with VIP card and photo for birthday child!

Only $16 per child and $20 per adult for one course. Want to double your fun? Add a second course for just $3! 

Gold Coast Kids Party #7

Exotic Themed Jungle Party

Do you hear that? It’s the kids cackling like hyenas! Or is it our Jungle Trail’s welcoming parrot? This Gold Coast party idea is for the lion lovers, the adventurers and even the Tarzans!

Sure, we have some lush hinterland spots on the Gold Coast. But our putt putt jungle is located right here – in the heart of Mermaid Beach! Cook up a feast in our Jungle Retreat BBQ area or have Uber Eats deliver some treats. We even offer jungle themed tableware as a party extra!

Here’s a snap of Toby’s party in our Jungle BBQ Zone to give you some more party ideas!

Gold Coast Party Styling Fortnite Theme By Nothing Else Platters
Local Gold Coast Business Nothing Else Platters whipped up this epic Fortnite birthday spread!


Gold Coast Kids Party #8

Superhero-Themed Party on Fun Run

Fighting off dragons, saving princesses and creeping through the spooky haunted house. Let your kid’s imagination run wild with a superhero-themed party on our Fun Run course! Play rain, hail or shine on our undercover putt putt course!

If you’re fresh out of interesting party ideas for your Gold Coast kids party, this could be the easiest of the lot to rustle up! Cut up a sheet for a cape, whack on a pair of goggles or a sleeping mask. And there you have it – a superhero costume!

But heroes need strength too, of course. So pick up some tasty snacks from the 19th hole snack bar like hot dogs and hot food platters. Kapow!


Gold Coast Kids Party #9

Family BBQ Party

Don’t let these kid-lovin' Gold Coast kids party ideas fool you. Putt Putt is the perfect location to celebrate the birthdays of little ones, right through to grandparents!

Gather up your gang for a fun-filled tournament on the green and a relaxing afternoon BBQ in the shade.

We’ll even store your cake for you and bring out the candles when you give us your *secret* nod.

Don't let a little drizzle rain on your parade, our Jungle Retreat BBQ area is undercover, just like our Fun Run course and indoor private party room!

Gold Coast BBQ Zone Party Location
The Jungle Hideaway BBQ Zone is the perfect location for your next kids party!

Still not sure which Gold Coast party option is best for you? Maybe these unique party themes will give you some more ideas. And here’s how booking a party with us works too! You can check out all our party packages here or call for a chat with our friendly team on 07 5575 3381.

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