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5 COVID-Safe Gold Coast Activities

5 COVID-Safe Gold Coast Activities

You’ve binged Netflix, baked banana bread, walked the dog a squillion times... Now what? Whether the kids are tugging your sleeve for something new to do or you haven’t caught up with your mates in a while. We have a bunch of ideas to make your time on the Gold Coast heaps of fun (and COVID-safe!). 

Because contrary to what you may think – there’s still loads of exciting things to do on the Gold Coast during COVID! Here’s 5 COVID-safe Gold Coast activities to do today at Putt Putt Mermaid Beach.

1. Play a Game of Mini Golf

Okay, we know we’re biased. But playing putt putt’s one of the best ways to spend your days during COVID on the Gold Coast. Afterall, you can’t touch your face if you have a putter in one hand and a ball in the other! Choose from one of three fantastically themed 18 hole courses to verse your mates, dates or even the kiddos! All putt putt courses are outdoors with plenty of fresh air, sunshine and good times. 

How it’s COVID safe

  • Outdoor venue with 3 separate courses 
  • Hand sanitiser and hand washing facilities to use before and after play


2. Speedy Rounds!

You know what they say – a quick game’s a good game! To adhere to COVID guidelines, players putt in teams of up to 4 per hole with a 5 shot limit. With everyone playing the same rules this means social distancing can be observed, you’ll finish your game sooner and be more likely to keep on a roll!. Did someone say victory cheers at the 19th Hole Kiosk? (Yes, that was us!)

Don’t forget, multi-game tickets never expire, so you can always come back later for round two and three! Why not buy online and save 10%? Come tee off!

How it’s COVID safe

  • We sanitise all equipment
  • Social distancing observed between groups and holes
  • You are welcome to bring your own putter if you prefer!


Covid-Safe-Birthday-Parties                                                                                                                                                          📸:@fochrist1

3. Throw a Party

Now more than ever we’re all realising how much our pals mean to us! We reckon that’s reason enough to celebrate. 

So whether it’s a couple of drinks and a bite in the Jungle Retreat BBQ Zone, a Glow Party after dark or your little tacker’s birthday party... We’re here for it! 

Looking for inspo? Check out these kids party ideas

How it’s COVID safe

  • Party area thoroughly cleaned after each use
  • Two party areas to choose from

4. Spontaneous Hangouts

Whether it’s snacks at the 19th Hole Kiosk and a swing on Waterways… A hole in one on Jungle Trail and a BBQ. Or even Fun Run and Fright Night in the games arcade. The best part about hanging out with us on the Gold Coast is that you don’t need to book a tee off time! 

How it’s COVID safe

  • Social distancing across all areas
  • Arcade games room and common areas regularly sanitised
  • Tee off from 3 separate outdoor courses


Covid-safe-activity-bbq-Gold-Coast                                                                                                                                                      📸:@justmekirsty

5. Barbie with your Crew

Get this! Our Jungle Retreat BBQ Zone makes for the perfect catch up for all groups. Bookings are required and subject to availability, let us know you’re coming and we’ll reserve the area for you. Johnno brings the snags, Suze packs the tongs and fresh rolls from the local bakery. Games on the green and wetting your whistle at the licensed 19th Hole Kiosk. Your next hangout is sorted.

Want more information about planning your BBQ at Mermaid Beach? Read all about it here!

How it’s COVID safe

  • Social distancing across all areas
  • We thoroughly clean after each use

Want More Information About How We’re Keeping COVID-Safe?

Although we like to have fun, we take the health and safety of our team and guests very seriously. Check out our COVID-19 Safety Plan

Ready to tee off with a COVID-safe activity here on the Gold Coast? Book tickets online and save 10% today!

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