Putt Putt Golf Courses

Putt Putt Golf Courses

Holes of Fun for Everyone! Experience 3 fantastically themed 18 Hole Courses playing Jungle Trail, Fun Run and Waterways Cove. Encounter exotic animals, conquer motorised obstacles and cruise along a water filled putting adventure. Play starts from 9am and when darkness falls, Putt Putt lights up for night time fun until 10pm.


Discover the ultimate challenge putting through colourful characters and motorised obstacles. Take on the spinning windmill, conquer the haunted house and time it right at the swinging log. Have a fun-filled time protected from the sun and rain with all 18 holes covered by waterproof shade sails.    Buy Tickets


Take a wildlife adventure in Putt Putt's Animal Park. Experience up-close encounters with exotic animals, including a welcome greeting from our talking parrot, see the "King of the Jungle" and meet some very friendly elephants who love to sound their trumpet as you putt away on safari.   Buy Tickets



Escape to an island paradise for splashtacular putting fun. Discover cascading waterfalls and unique marine life around a beautiful tropical lagoon. Encounter shipwrecked pirates, play the Tiki spinner wheels and when the sun goes down, Waterways Cove lights up into a dazzling colourful oasis.    Buy Tickets


  • Each course has a par of 36
  • Every hole is designed to score a “hole in one”
  • Course capacity 216 players
  • Australian Putters Association’s Course Records:  Fun Run - 28  |  Jungle Trail - 21  |  Waterways - 22
  • Best International Score:  Singapore - 27


Putt putt historyRemember the smell of pink zinc and licorice ice cream and feel the sunburn of those long school holidays back when you could still count the highrise in Surfers Paradise this was when the first Putt Putt Golf Course opened in Australia. The day was September 19th 1969 when Mayor Sir Bruce Small putted the first ball and its opening at Surfers was front page news.
Thirty Courses were built in prime locations all over Australia and these were the times when Putt Putt Golf was almost as big as the big game. A Professional Putters Association was established along with a circuit for the pro's to play for the chance to win big prize money. This association still exists to this day with regular tournaments being played nationally.
In 1972 Putt Putt Golf moved its highly popular and successful operation to its present location at Mermaid Beach closing Surfers Paradise in 1975. Putt Putt Golf is still going strong after 40 years of providing enjoyment to all ages. Today many players are just looking to have a leisurely game and some fun rather than playing for sport. Unfortunately land values, mean Putt Putt Golf Courses have dwindled over the years but the smiles have never faded and why a few steps on a Putt Putt Golf Course can take you down memory lane...